Glennys Sanchez Biografia Politica

Glennys Sanchez is running for the position of 17th District of the New York City Council, representing the community of Woodstock, South Bronx.

The daughter of first-generation of Dominican immigrants, Glennys Sanchez grew up in the Bronx understanding the value of hard work and the importance of giving back to the community.

She is a mother of three daughters, which lead us to understand that she knows the struggles that hard working family go through to rise their children in the 17th City Council District, especially single mothers.

Within the ​​educational space, Glennys Sánchez has an impressive curriculum: she has a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice at Monroe College in the Bronx in 2008 and subsequently a master’s degree in business administration from the same institution in 2011. Those who know her assure that her vast preparation coupled with her ability to resolve issues on time, as well as being a woman of independent decisions, give her the backing to properly represent our community.

Glennys Sanchez has worked as assistant of paralegal affairs; she has also worked as an investigator of ballot boxes for the New York Board of Elections; furthermore, she has worked in the Human Rights Division of the State of New York; and she has also seen action as a clerk assistant in the Kings County Court of Appeals in Brooklyn.

In the community, Glennys Sanchez has fought for new, good-paying jobs by requiring that companies investing in the community hire local residents, including our youth. She has been committed to fight for providing children in the Bronx with access to a quality education. Finally, candidate Glennys Sanchez has fought to bring affordable housing to the South Bronx, focusing on ensuring residents of all incomes have access to new apartments.

Glennys Sánchez resides with her family in the Woodstock neighborhood of the Bronx.

As we can see, Glennys Sanchez is the fighter that our children, men and women of 17th City Council District need.